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Bel Air — for the trend­set­ter look­ing for an ever­last­ing beach feeling

Give your­self that sunny feel­ing with the etropolis Bel Air. It doesn‘t have to be sun­set on Sun­set Boulevard. The Bel Air brings cleaner air and the Cal­i­forn­ian beach feel­ing to Europe. Com­pletely noise­less, com­pletely with­out emis­sions, it is becom­ing a trend­set­ter on our roads!

Tech­ni­cal Data

gen­er­a­tor specification:

2000 W 

bat­tery type: 


life­time of battery:

more than 450 charg­ing cycles

bat­tery specification:

60 V, 27 Ah

charg­ing time: 

ca. 3,5 h (80 %), 6 – 8 h (100 %)

max­i­mum speed:

25 km/​h or 45 km/​h


up to 70 km (dri­ver weight 80 kg. out­side tem­per­a­ture 25°C)

climb­ing capacity:

up to 20%

dry weight:

145 kg

max­i­mum loading: 

270 kg


1900 mm


745 mm


1130 mm

sad­dle height:

780 mm

ground clear­ance:

100 mm

brakes front/​back:


The Bel Air is avail­able in these colours:

 Matt Black  Light Ivory
 Blue Metallic
 Moss Green
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